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All furniture, designed and created by Heaven & Stubbs, is bespoke in the truest sense of the word. Any cabinet size or shape is possible along with an infinite number of furniture styles and finishes. This level of flexibility enables Heaven and Stubbs to create furniture that’s perfectly in tune with your lifestyle requirements, personal tastes as well as the architectural proportions of your home.

Heaven and Stubbs is able to work directly with discerning homeowners as well as design professionals, to include architects, interior designers and developers, with the express aim of providing exquisitely produced furniture that exceeds expectations.

Heaven & Stubbs


This project illustrates perfectly how true bespoke design and make the most of available space whilst personalising the furniture to the homeowner’s requirements.

The room was neither square nor plumb – an architectural trait of many a period home and something which ‘off the shelf’ furniture solutions, with standard cabinet sizes and shapes, simply couldn’t contend with.

Heaven and Stubbs were able to create cabinetry that exactly fitted the available space.

Other bespoke touches included the drawers which feature a name inscription for each family member.